Director’s Reel

Endicia Shipping School:
Gym Class


Thrutu Paypal: Dares

War Dragons


Award-Winning writer/director working in Los Angeles and San Francisco

One summer, when I was home from college, I spent a night digging through my dad’s vinyls. In the liner notes of one of the records was a poem written by Andy Wickham, describing the experience of recording the album. When I got to a certain line, everything stopped, and all I could do was read it over and over:

“And you shouldn’t sell emotions unless they’re honest.”

I’ve carried that line with me every day since.

When I create something, I like to make it honest, memorable, and with all my heart.

Life’s too short to do anything else.


2015 Silver Telly – “Endicia Gym Class”
2015 Silver Telly – “A Teacher Like You” Micro Doc
2013 Bronze Telly Award for Internet/Online Commercial – “Thrutu Paypal”
2013 Bronze Telly Award for  Internet/Online Commercial – “Prezi Anytime, Anywhere”
2011: First Place Tufts University 501c3 Film Festival – “A New Way Home”
2008: University of California San Diego Up & Coming Film Festival Official Selection – “Cone”

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